Facebook has a hidden news feed WHAT?

How did we miss this?

We spend most of our time on Facebook so we have NO idea how we missed this brand new feature.

An observant few have noticed that Facebook has added a sneaky second news feed to the app.

How did we miss this?!

The secret news feed is currently testing out a new feed called ‘Explore’.

It pretty much works in exactly the same way as it does on Instagram.

It’s a feed full of content from pages, which users don't follow, but that it thinks they might like.

If the second news feed goes mainstream, it will mean there will be two main pages: ‘Home’ and ‘Explore’.

While the ‘Home’ tab will contain all of your normal posts from your friends and family, the ‘Explore’ tab will use technology to work out what content you may wish to view.


While it’s currently on the App for Android users only, it looks like it will be tested on the iPhone soon.

According to Masahable, though, it looks like it could go mainstram in the near future.

Last year, Instagram launched a 'videos you might like' tool that provides a personalised list of clips which was super successful.

Thanks to that latest update, we’ve spent endless hours flicking through ‘dogs having baths’ videos.


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