Facebook Messenger Day launches: Everything you need to know about the update

Oh you faaancy, huh?

If you're as obsessed with Facebook Messenger as us (WE'RE STILL WORKING, ALRIGHT?), you might have seen the app's just launched its brand spankin' new update Messenger Day. And, before you all start, no it's not Snapchat. It's all about a NEW ERA OF MESSAGING and VISUALISATION. Yup.

Basically the clever sausages over at Facebook Messenger are well aware a picture says a thousand words; and these days we all need more than your bog-standard text message. We wanna see that avocado on sour dough you had for brunch. Just spotted your ex on the bus? SHOW US with a sneaky pic. Wanna fluff-up your coffee with an Instagram-esque aesthetic? You're gonna need a filter on it, mate.

So it's a bloody good job the update's got us covered, innit?

To be lazy af and copy and paste a bit of the press release (we' busy using the app), key features include:

Quick Camera

The camera is always one tap or swipe away, whether you are already in a conversation or just opened the app

Special Effects

Choose from more than 5,000 frames, effects and stickers to customize photos and videos before you add to your Day, many of which are exclusive to Messenger.

Messenger partnered with social media influencers to create custom content which can be used to embellish your Day; these creators are available for interview and can discuss the inspiration behind their designs.

The most popular art and effects so far include hearts, Mardi Gras frames, rose stickers, and the bubbles, snow and confetti effects (screenshots available in Assets folder).

Choose Your Audience

After customizing your video or photo, you can send to whoever you choose – including multiple friends, your bestie or groups.

Share and Control Your Day

You can choose to share your Day, which shows up at the top of your Messenger home screen, and control who can view your Day.

Sounds good, non? LOOK, fancy designs:

Facebook Messenger Day's live RIGHT NOW (we think), so go try it for yourself. Hoorah.


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