The best funny Instagram accounts to follow in the world EVER

We love an Instagram account that makes us laugh and stops us feeling alone. So alone.

Here's our pick of the best of the bunch.


OK, so we all know about Betches, are we right? Just in case you missed the memo, they post a tonne of memes that are oh-so-relatable. heat sometimes reposts stuff from them – that's how funny they are. What more recommendation could you need?

Take a look at Betches' account.

Texts from your Ex

This account posts the funniest messages purporting to be from people's exes. Seriously the majority of these exes are hella weird and even though the conversations are uncomfortable and awkward – WE LOVE IT. And scrolling through their Instagram page makes us feel better about our lives.

Look at all of Text From Your Ex's posts here.

Daddy Issues

With over three million followers we wouldn't believe you if you said you've never heard of this Instagram account. We LOVE it, and always have a giggle scrolling through on our morning commute.

Check out Daddy Issues' Instagram account.

The Fat Jewish

The guy who runs this account is hilarious! Even Justin Bieber thinks so, he posted a video of the instagrammer promoting his single What Do You Mean? So if you want to be online bezzies with Justin Bieber you only need to be funny and have over eight million followers. Easy peasy.

Check out The Fat Jewish's Instagram account.

Bretman Rock

Bret is a Youtuber and one of the funniest Instagrammers ever. His makeup is on fleek, he does a lot of funny tutorials and in general has the confidence of a queen – which should inspire all. He is often late running late because he's doing his face and we can deffo relate to that.

Look at Bret's Instagram account for major lols.

Kevin Hart

When you think of the word funny we're pretty sure Kevin Hart pops to your mind. He's a comedian so of course his Instagram account makes us laugh. It's full of videos and pictures of him working out, travelling and hanging out with his family and famous friends. But his videos and captions having us crying with laughter.

If you want a bit of banter in your life make sure you look at Kevin Hart's Instagram account.

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