GOOD GOD. There's another 'THE DRESS'

What colour are these flip flops?

One cold blistery morning about two years ago, our entire lives were ROCKED by a picture uploaded to the internet of a white and gold dress.

Only when we looked at it again a few hours later it was BLUE AND BLACK.

We still have literally no idea WTAF was going on with that colour changing-gown, but it freaked us the f*ck out and we've been thankful that that absolute conundrum is out of our lives.


Because someone has just uploaded a picture of a pair of flip flops that are DEFINITELY WHITE AND GOLD, but loads of other people in the heat office are saying they're blue and black.

What do you think?

We are v confused.

The Portuguese Twitter account has received a whole lot of feedback, and after some extensive Google translation, we've noted that there's a real mixed bag of people arguing between gold and white and black and blue.



2016 has been STRESSFUL ENOUGH without all this madness.

People have been getting very upset.

One tweeted: "Genuinely falling out with everyone over the colour of them flip flops."

We feel ya, hun.

Another: "Go to sleep Jane. At least stop worrying over what colour the flip flops are (blue and grey)."

Another added: "F*ck sake wit colour are these flip flops"


This is seriously a nightmare.

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