Here's where you can get Harry Potter cocktails in London


It's Monday, we're all feeling pretty glum here at heat HQ and just wondering why our weekend seemed to pass by in about 3.525 nano-seconds.

But we've just heard some VERY exciting news, that's totally woken us from our Monday morning zombiefied state. Our ears first pricked up when we heard the magic two words: 'Harry Potter,' and then when they were followed by 'cocktail' we literally leaped out of our swivel chairs and did some kind of weird celebratory dance. Seriously.

We don’t mean to alarm you, but there's a bar in London that's actually serving a Harry Potter cocktail and we are ELATED.

The Blind Pig in Soho is offering up an alcoholic take on the famous wizarding drink, Butterbeer and it's called "Half A Pint O' Buttah."

The cocktail apparently contains, Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Kamm & Sons, thyme, butterscotch, citrus, bitters, and beer.

Ummm, we genuinely can't work out what that would taste like so we're probably just going to have to head down to The Bind Pig and do a bit of a taste test this lunch time. You know, for journalistic purposes obv. Research, maybe?

If Harry Potter's not your thing (who even are you?) then there are plenty of other cocktail's inspired by classic children's books on the 'Long and Short Great British Tails' menu at The Blind Pig.

There's 'Honey Pot' inspired by Winnie the Pooh, 'Float Like A Peach' honouring James And The Giant Peach and a load more.

Literally cocktail heaven.

In other Harry Potter news, did you know there was a secret Harry Potter sex scene? WE KNOW.

Also, you can now buy Harry Potter Polyjuice potion bubblebaths and they look amazing!

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