Oh, HEY 2017! We've got the brand new heat mag Fit List

It’s back!

Just as you’re scraping the last knockings of the Christmas pudding straight from the bowl wondering how you’ll ever haul your bum off the sofa in order to hit 2017 square in the face, we’re bringing you the ultimate in inspiration – out annual Fit List.

The celebrity women who are proving that strong beats out skinny and loving the body you’re in is about as #fitnessgoals as you can get.

These ladies have earned their places on this year’s list for properly bringing it in 2016 with their attitude to feeling strong and sexy – regardless of their body shape.

Basically, we bow down to their general kick-assness and their abilty to show us that you gotta love what your mama gave you.

These women work hard to live healthy lifestyles, talk positively about the way they look and are so inspirational we want to put a picture of them on our bedroom mirror to give us a confidence pep talk every morning.

We, along with our esteemed judges, have scrutinised their work outs, approach to nutrition and attitude to their bodies to bring you our shortlist of the fittest and most fabulous famous ladies around.

And who are we celebrating in this week’s mag?

Well, the it’s a jam-packed – but we’ll give you a taster.

In at number 30 …

Beyonce, 35

According to her trainer, Bey swears by sprints, kettlebell squat-and-presses, and step-ups, as they help her prepare for her explosive stage performances. The singer admits to enjoying the odd slice of pizza and glass of wine, but sticks to high-protein foods most of the time.

She famously lost 20lbs in ten days for her role as Deena in Dreamgirls ten years ago using the Lemonade Diet – which involves drinking a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper 12 times a day. She later claimed the quick fix was a disaster and now takes a much healthier approach to fitness and diet.

In at number 17 …

Jennifer Lawrence, 26

She’ll happily admit to enjoying pizza and fries, but her job often means she needs to put in hard hours at the gym. After meeting one of our Fit List judges, Dalton Wong, on the set of X-Men: First Class, she credits his approach for “giving me the skills to change my life”. So what does Dalton say is the secret behind her success?

“Jennifer has done Pilates, she’s done yoga, she does a little bit of everything. For her, it depends on what mood she is in. You don’t have to be so adamant about doing one thing all the time. It’s OK to do boxing for a while, and then a bit of resistance training, followed by Pilates. That’s what keeps your body looking healthy.”

In at number 7 …

Ashley Graham, 28

Gracing the cover of Vogue’s January 2017 issue is a major milestone for the size-18 model, who has campaigned for positive body image messaging throughout her career. She says, “Rolls, curves, cellulite... I love every part of me.” Natasha says, “I know Ashley. She’s so important to the women that she represents. She eats healthily, she works out – she’s a great ambassador.”

Hear, hear!

So who topped the list of fabulous fit women?

You’ll have to grab this week’s heat to find out – on shelves now!

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