Watch the hilarious interview fail that's going viral

Too funny

Here at heatworld, we bloody love when a bit of live TV goes disastrously wrong. Take that time Joey Essex swore on This Morning the other week, for instance. Our Editor-in-Chief had to give him a right old tellin' off.

So obviously, with this in mind, you can imagine we're literally HOWLING over this hilarious BBC interview about actual, y'know, serious stuff that couldn't really be less serious if it tried.

So basically this fella (should we know who he is?) was chatting to BBC correspondant Robert E Kelly on the topic of the impeachment of the South Korean president. Kind of serious, hard-hitting stuff.

Then what happens? His kids literaly barge into the room, not a frickin' care in the world, and wreak absolute havoc. It's hilarious, it's awkward, we're obsessed.

'Ave a watch below, if you fancy.



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