This new iPhone 8 feature will probably change your life FOREVER

No, for real this time.

We're not exactly as tech-savvy as we probably should be here at heat. In fact we literally jumped for joy when we heard that the Nokia 3310 phone was coming back.

It meant we could all be going back to playing snake on our brick phones soon. Back to the good ol' days, a time before our lives were spent on a quest for the perfect selfie lighting and 'for the gram' became a genuine reason we made our friends take about 410018403918410 'candid' shots of us just lolling our heads off eating an ice-cream under a very aesthetically pleasing tree.

With this in mind it's not very surprising that most techy updates kinda fly right over our heads – we're too busy trying to free up storage on our lowly iPhone 5s to look up and take in all this talk about wireless earphones and whatnot.

BUT this latest iPhone 8 rumour has caught our attention as one feature does sound like it could be life changing.


We've heard through the grapevine that Apple are testing out wireless charging technology for the iPhone 8.

This would basically mean an end to perching on the end of your bed and contorting your body into unimaginably positions just to keep using your phone while it's charging.

Apparently you'd even be able to charge your iPhone from the other side of the room.


You could by lying back peacefully in bed, scrolling down your insta feed to your heart's content without fear of strangulation from a tangled mess of charging cables.

You could be Snapchatting your mates while you perform a interpretive dance routine to Beyonce's Lemonade (full album) safe in the knowledge that your phone battery won't die mid-twerk.



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