An Italian food theme park is opening and OMG


If you asked us our idea of heaven, there is an 100% chance we would say somewhere filled with pasta, pizza and Italian food that we could gorge on.

We’re salivating thinking about it now, tbh. Nothing beats a hearty bowl of spaghetti with sweet tomato sauce and a dollop of cheese. NOTHING.

And as if our daydream has been answered, there’s now an actual Italian food THEME PARK opening. Yep... for real.

Eataly - an Italian restaurant and market based in New York that’s known for its dreamy pizza, pasta and cheese – is now launching Eataly World this November.

The theme park will be in Italy (where else?!) and will be made up of more than thirty restaurants, a MASSIVE market and loads of super-fun food based ‘multi-media experiences.’


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But it’s not all about eating yourself into a pasta induced coma. Oh no… You can also take a ride on a spinning meatball, and visit farms and factories where you’ll be able to watch Italian food being made in front of your very eyes.

Yup, you can literally meet the cow responsible for the cheese on your pizza. How cool?!

And the best thing about Eataly World is that it's absolutely FREE to enter. We mean, obvs you’re going to have to budget flights to Italy and all the food while you’re there… but that’s a small price to pay for endless carbs and spinning meatballs if you ask us.

Brb, we're just booking flights now.

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