6 times JK Rowling was the queen of Twitter comebacks

We love her

If you didn’t already know, JK Rowling is a total badass on twitter. So much so we’re nominating her to start her very own 'dealing with trolls' masterclass.

We’ve had a look at some of our fave times she totally slayed, starting with the one we’re all talking about!

Racking up almost half a MILLION likes, we think we know who’s side the majority of the world are on! Ouch that must burn… and we aint talking about the book!

There’s sooooo much sass in this we can’t take it. Go, JK, go!

Is there anything worse than being called a lonely virgin hiding behind a cartoon frog? Yep, being called a lonely virgin hiding behind a cartoon frog by JK FREAKING ROWLING (and then almost 260k people liking it. Awks.)

Then there was that time she totally made a fool of yet another troll.

Did she end it there? Of course she didn’t… just one last twist of the knife was perfect and we love her for it, whether Jeff does… we’re unsure.

Not only is she the queen of comebacks but she also said what we’re ALL thinking: let us talk politics! Or let JK… because she’s probs better at it than it than us.

We imagine she’s made some enemies from being so outspoken on twitter but does she care? No way, and we for one LOVE her even more.

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