There’s now a KARAOKE bottomless brunch

We’ve been waiting our whole lives for this tbh

We at heat love a bottomless brunch as much as the next basic af galpal, so the following bit of news has got us very excited.

Gone are the days when karaoke is confined to the borderline blackout stage of your night out, where all you remember is stumbling into a dingy bar at 1AM and screaming the words to All By Myself.

There’s now an actual karaoke brunch, meaning your average karaoke experience could be about to get vastly different (unless you’re the most hardcore bruncher ever and blackout at 12:30PM. We ain’t here to judge).

Private Karaoke company Lucky Voice have started the Bottomless Brunch, which takes place in Islington starting this Saturday (15 July) and costs £35 a head.

‘So just what the bloody hell are the logistics of a karaoke bottomless brunch?’ We hear you cry.

We’ll tell ya.

You get two hours of UNLIMITED cocktails (yass) including Tequila Sunrises and Mojitos, while a DJ plays ‘a mix of old school and current anthems’.

And there will be an actual glitter artist to glitter you up the whole time. Plus, you can play games like Twister and Jenga. Which sounds mad.

This is all followed by an hour of private karaoke, which you should be well prepared for after all those Mojitos.

Lucky Voice Islington is located at 173-174 Upper Street, London N1 1RG. Click here for more info.

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