Lidl has its own brand of Aperol and it's SO CHEAP

Breaking booze news

Remember how to told you ASDA is selling a properly-massive magnum of Prosecco for £14 at the moment? Well, in more BREAKING BOOZE NEWS, we thought we'd better inform you that Lidl actually stock a well cheap alternative to Aperol for all your boozy summmer Sunday needs.

As well as ordering a McDonald's in as standard procedure, our weekends right now involve a great deal of Aperol consumption. We drink responsibly, OF COURSE. But yeah, it's a lot.

So obviously we're over the moon to have discovered Lidl's own brand of the stuff - Bitterol - at a fraction of the price.

Let's face it, our Instagram grid wouldn't be the same without the odd Aperol Spritz-based snap every couple of weeks; and while it makes our lives look fancy af such a lifestyle can come with a hefty price tag. A bottle of actual, proper Aperol's around £15 in the supermarkets rn.

Oh, but wait. What's this we hear? Lidl are stocking Bitterol - which is essentially the exact same and tastes just as delicious when mixed with Prosecco and soda for £7.99? Bloody BARGAIN.

The supermarket even suggests making your own 'Bitterol spritz' with said apertivo, which is pretty hilarious.

Cheers, Lidl.


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