How to throw the ULTIMATE Love Island party


It's nearly the end of Love Island (sobs). But guys, the fun doesn't have to stop there. Keep the spirit alive by throwing your mates an EPIC Love Island party with the help of these essentials...

Muggy Mike mugs

Forget red cups - at this party everyone will be drinking from Muggy Mike mugs. #MUGGY

Muggy Mike mug, £9.99 from

An EPIC playlist

Can't afford a DJ? No probs, coz Blazin' Squad have you covered. Just bang on this CD and get your dancing shoes on.

The Best of Blazin' Squad CD, £5.39 from Amazon

Post-It Notes

For when you wanna stick it on bae, DUH.

Post-It Notes, £3.49 from Amazon

Inflatable pool toys

No true Love Island party would be complete without some inflatable pool toys. Even if you don't have a pool, just chuck some fun inflatables in your living room coz WHY NOT.

Flamingo pool inflatable, £15.99 from Amazon

An egg basket

As the Love Islanders would say: "I don't wanna put all of my eggs in one basket".

So, to go down as an absolute legend and for some mega LOLS, decorate your house with egg baskets (filled with eggs, obvs).

Egg basket, £7.00 from Amazon

Snake sweets

Snake sweets for all the snakes in your life and in the villa (Jonny, we're looking at you).

Haribo snake sweets, £7.99 from Amazon

Outdoor string lights

If you're having your party outdoors, then you'll want to recreate the villa vibes with some pretty outdoor string lights.

Outdoor string lights, £6.99 from Amazon


Invited your bae to your Love Island party? Just throw some paper over him when he walks in the room, coz he's totes your type on paper.

Paper, £5.99 from Amazon

A sandbox

So all of the fit guys can do some sort of bizarre voodoo dance around it. Dick sand style.

Sandbox, £17.11 from Amazon

A microphone

For your epic rap battle of course. And who know, you might discover that you have bars as good as Kem and Chris.

Microphone, £19.99 from Amazon


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