McDonald's delivery might be on its way to the UK


It's Friday and that diet we started on Monday (and pretty much every Monday since the dawn of time) is now well out the window.

Realistically, we're going to spend about 74% of the weekend hungover or in some sort of sloth-like state so we're currently sat in the office dreaming about all the deliciously bad food we're going devour. Perhaps a pizza, maybe some Chinese, maybe a mixture of both (#wellness).

Usually a good ol' Big Mac would be pretty high up on our list of cheat day treats, but the thought of having to peel ourselves out of our duvet cocoon isn’t always very appealing.

Way too many a Sunday mornings have been spent staring into an oven waiting for our frozen chicken nuggets to turn a sweet, sweet golden brown while we dream of a day when McDonald's would deliver straight to our door.


McDonald's has announced it's looking to expand its home delivery service to a load of countries, including the UK.

Already offering a delivery service in Singapore and China, the company has revealed the success in these countries has 'created an exceptional opportunity for growth.'

In a statement, McDonald's said: "One of the most significant disruptions in the restaurant business today is the rapid increase in delivery. Through technology, delivery has changed the way customers order, pay, track and receive food and provide feedback.

"Coupled with the explosive growth in third-party delivery companies, the landscape has created an exceptional opportunity for growth."

We couldn't agree more!

Alongside the UK, the delivery service is also set to launch in the US, Canada, France and Germany.

And fear not the disappointing arrival of a cold, soggy chip as McDonalds has revealed that due to the growth witnessed as part of the delivery service in other countries, the majority of customers in its biggest markets will never be more than three miles from their nearest stores. Delivering food while it's still hot (or luke warm, let's be real it's Maccas we're talking about) will not be too much of a problem.

There has not yet been a confirmed date for the home delivery service, but we'll keep our eyes and ears open for updates as we hear them.


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