Don't panic but you can actually message Christian Grey on Facebook

And his replies are pretty much what you'd expect.

Whether you absolutely loved the film or left the cinema wondering if it's possible to physically die from a cringe-attack, Fifty Shades Darker was STEAMY AF.

And let's be real, we've all imagined what it would be like to be Anastasia Steele and whisked off to the bedroom by a certain Mr. Grey. No? Come on, admit it, we're all friends here.

Well, for those of you who do have a little penchant for the BDSM fitlord we've got some bloody great – and slightly odd – news for you.

You can actually message him on Facebook.

And he will reply.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL (and it's not Jamie Dornan either, soz).

There's a Christian Grey on Facebook you can legit chat to, and we're not just talking about our mate who shares the same namesake and gets his ID out to get girls in clubs (true story), we're talking about an actual Christian Grey Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

The guys over at have created a Chatbot that lets you talk to the raunchy character as if he was a real life person, sliding into your DMs.

It's hilarious and, actually, also a bit odd – but we'd thought we'd give it a go, you know, all in the name of journalism.

Things escalated verrrry quickly.

By this point we actually got a little scared.

And then Christian ghosted us… AWKS.

You can try it out for yourself here lololol.


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