Nando's just made a VERY exciting addition to their menu

We need this in our lives IMMEDIATELY

We will quite frankly never ever in our whole entire lives tire of a cheeky Nando's.

Taking the guy you're seeing for a meal there and watching carefully what level of heat he goes for is a legitimate indicator of whether he's boyfriend material.

You don't need that lemon and herb shite in your life. You’re better than that.

And luckily for us all, Nando's have now introduced a new means by which customers can demonstrate how 'ard they are – their hottest sauce yet.

It’s called PERi PERi Vusa, and it sounds a mixture of delicious and terrifying.

As well as combining more chillies than any of the other sauces, it includes classic ingredients like citrus, garlic and onion.

They describe it as an "intense, full-bodied taste".

And it's instore nationwide NOW.

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