This phone case could save you from drunk texting


We don't mean to alarm anyone, but it's now officially time to throw your on trend Skinny Dip phone case in the bin.

Because someone, SOMEWHERE, has designed a case to prevent you from drunk texting.

Those of you who’ve experienced the crushing realisation you’re going to have to start a new life in the deepest depths of the darkest jungle, Jumanji style, after checking your phone after a heavy night of drinking can FINALLY breathe a sigh of relief.

They were commissioned to mark the home entertainment release of The Girl On The Train, but aren't actually available to buy yet, but they are in development. Apparently.

They'll use voice recognition technology to detect when the user has been drinking, and then lock shut over the screen if it detects they're drunk AF (which, let's face it, you probably will be. You mess).

The cases will do this by getting users to prerecord a phrase, which they must recite it back without sounding like a complete mess – otherwise it won't open.

But don't fret – you'll still be able to take those horrible pictures in which at the time you think you resemble Kendall Jenner, because users will still be able to access basic things like the camera.

It's estimated to retail at about £50, but it'll 100% BE WORTH IT <3.

The Girl On The Train is available on Digital Download and Blu-ray™ & DVD now

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