How to prepare for that New Year's Day hangover

'Cos let's face it, you're probs going to be hungover

So Christmas is over and you're probably starting to feel a bit normal again after a few days of constant Prosecco drinking, mince-pie eating and pretending to like all your weird extended family.

It's now that slightly odd time of year in between Christmas and New Year when you don’t really know what do with yourself (although, we've got some suggestions here) and so you start to contemplate all the 17275197519 calories you consumed and the sins you committed over Christmas.

Here at heat we’re making a few life changes as we head toward 2017. WE WILL GIVE UP DRINKING. WE WILL JOIN THE GYM. WE WILL EAT HEALTHILY.

Good joke.

New Year's Eve is just around the corner and let's be honest it's probably going to result in Prosecco running through our veins, a very inappropriate midnight kiss and a whopper of a hangover the next day.

If your NYE is heading in that same direction, here are some little tips we've come up with to make that New Year's Day hangover a teeny bit more bearable.

Grab yourself a mermaid blanket

You're going to want to reach optimum comfort levels as you spend your day trying to forget everything that happened the night before. But who says comfort can't be super stylish and mega Hygge? NOT US. These mermaid blankets are pretty much essential for a hungover sofa day but also totes Instagram-worthy if you need to document your slow recovery to feeling human again.

Mermaid Blanket, £25, Boohoo

You'll also want an eye-mask

THE LIGHT. IT BURNS. You've got an absolutely raging headache and for some bizarre reason which has absolutely nothing to do with the 7.5 tequila shots you slammed last night, your eyes are really, really sensitive. Shut the world away and get back to some serious napping with this CUTE AF eye-mask.

Penguin eye mask, now £4, Boux Avenue

Sort out all your TV viewing for the day

There's some pretty great things on Netflix right now and NOTHING is more hangover appropes (in our opinion) than series 1-7 of Gilmore Girls AND the revival episodes if you commit to a solid 36 hour binge.

Also why not try out a free one-month HayU trial and indulge in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS EVER.

Revitalise your face with a moisturising face mask

Your eyes are tired and your skin could probably do with a lot of loving after the long night of dancing, drinking and confessing your love to that guy you've had a crush on since you were about 17 and always try to kiss at the NYE party (just us? OK) so you should indulge in a bit of TLC.

Sanctuary Spa Beauty Sleep Face Mask, £8, Boots

AND obviously don't forget to keep hydrated and EAT ALL THE FOOD.

If our bodies are telling us we need that large mega-feast pizza, with chicken nuggets and chocolate ice-cream on the side, who are we to deny it, eh? Plus the diet can start on the 2nd January… it is a Monday after all.

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