Primark’s launched a Harry Potter gym collection and we want it all


Now Summer is beginning to seem like a distant memory, we don’t know about you, but we’re kind of losing motivation to go to the gym. It’s almost the season of baggy jumpers and Christmas food, and frankly getting in shape is the last thing on our minds.

But one thing which is kind of tempting us to go and work out is Primark’s new range of gym gear, which is HARRY POTTER THEMED.

Yup, Potterheads, you heard that right. Ranging from £6-12, you can now deck yourself head to toe in Hazza P themed clothing, and your gym session is sure to be magical.


Sod the sorting hat. This new Primark range lets you pick which house you belong in yourself, so you can rock your Gryffindor trackies, your Hufflepuff hoodie, your Slytherin sweats, or… you know, your Ravenclaw garms (but who would choose to be in Ravenclaw?!).

And if you’re looking for an outfit you can actually break a sweat in, the collection also includes Quidditch leggings, or Marauder’s Map leggings… which are kind of rogue, but we’re feeling them.


Hoodies come in at a super-cheap £12 each, joggers cost £10 and you can grab yourself a top and leggings for £6 per item.

Basically, the whole collection is an absolute STEAL.


Die hard HP fans can also get their hands on a Harry Potter themed gym bag for £12, and even high top trainers for a tenner, if they’re really pushing the boat out.

While we’re tempted to buy the whole collection tbh, we’re also scared people in the gym might think we’re going a tiiiiiny bit overboard.

But then again, who cares what the muggles think?

While we're at it, have you heard two new Harry Potter books are coming out this year?! You can read about that here.

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