There's a secret version of Tinder you never knew about

Probably because you're not rich and famous, soz.

One of our favourite pastimes at the moment is heading over to a well-known celeb hotspot, setting our distance on our dating apps to within a one-mile radius and swiping away to our hearts content.

We're hoping to stumble upon the profiles of an array of rich and famous celeb-types, who are going to sweep us off our feet (slide into our DMs) and whisk us off on glamourous holidays, declare their un-dying love for us and eventually retire to a big house in the country with our 525205 perfect grandchildren visiting on weekends and school holidays.

So far we've only seen Conor Maynard and some guy from a cleaning product advert. Neither resulted in a match.

Our dry spell may have something to do with the secret version of Tinder reserved for an elite clientele, called Tinder Select.

According to TechCrunch, the app apparently operates the separate members-only version for "celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder," and us mere mortals don't make the cut, sorry.

Tinder Select has been developed especially for the rich, famous and really, really ridiculously good looking in search of equally rich, famous and ridiculously good looking matches.

WE KNOW! We thought it sounded like a bit of us too and desperately tried to sign ourselves up, but it turns out it's 'invite only'.

Tinder has to invite you to join the platform, or you can be nominated by one of the 'elite' few already using the service – which is mainly film stars, CEOs and supermodels (we're still a bit confused why we're not on it, tbh).

Tinder Select even looks more exclusive then regular Tinder. Gone is the orange flame logo (maybe it's too garish and mainstream for the chosen ones) and in its place is a sleek blue 'S' logo. Fancy, huh?

But all hope of meeting your celeb crush is not totally lost, as users are apparently able to switch between Tinder Select and the regular version. Ya know, if the elites fancy lowering their standards for the day lol.

Tinder not yet spoken out about this secret members-only service. They're probably trying to keep it on the DL to avoid the riffraff getting in, but we're just seeing it as a bit of a challenge.


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