Snapchat just introduced a CRAZY new feature

And it's potentially V nawty

There is literally nothing shadier than a Snapchat convo, in our opinion.

Snapchat added about 100 new levels to 'the game' with the ability to send pictures that can automatically delete in one second.

AND then the Snapchat conversation feature came about and the potential for trust issues practically quadrupled.


Now Snapchat have introduced a new update and it will completely change group chats as you know them.

With Snapchat Groups you can chat with up to 16 friends on the app at the same time, either by creating a group while sending a snap or by making a new chat.

Just like a one-on-one Snapchat convo, the messages will automatically delete after 24 hours, so any evidence of that MAJOR bitching session or explicit details of your latest hook-up will disappear forever. Unless there are screenshots. Never forget the screenshots.

If the group convo is all getting a bit too hectic and Sandra's constant 'LOLs' are getting a bit annoying (classic Sandra), you can start a new one-to-one chat with anyone in the group just by tapping on their name. Then you can return to the group chat with one swipe, when you're done with your sneaky side-conversation.

So sly, but so brilliant.

Don't even get us started on the potential damage to relationships, we dread to think what could happen if you get dragged into a volatile group chat with the lad you've been low-key seeing and a whole load of his mates and exes… it could happen, trust us.

Call us old school, but we're still getting over the absolute mindf*ck that was the three-way phone call.


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