Best stag do pranks


As soon as the best man is announced for a wedding, the first thought running through his head probably isn't what he should wear or getting emotional that his best friend is getting hitched. Instead, it’s the responsibility of organising the biggest party of the groom's life: the stag do.

And everybody knows that no real stag do is complete without stitching up the groom-to-be at least once (or more, usually a lot more).

Best stag do pranks

Some of the best stag do pranks are the classics. Why mess with a winning formula? The group wearing mankinis? Taping the groom to a lamp post or putting a Mars bar in his bed to melt after a drunken night out? Bring 'em on.

But some men go to extremes to make the stag’s life hell. Sticking pubic hair to his face as a full and luxuriant beard? Lovely.

Worst stag do pranks

Sure, mankinis are HILARIOUS (kind of) but spare a thought for the poor gent who was forced to cycle ten miles to Exeter in a mankini after being kidnapped by 16 masked men in his party.

The ordeal stressed the groom out so much that he developed shingles, causing him to nearly miss his own wedding. Cool move, bros. Cooool moves.

Stag do pranks gone wrong

One that had us ‘cracking’ up (LOLOLOLOL) is the tale of a lucky groom-to-be who was treated to the infamous back, sack and crack treatment on his stag (presumably by a beauty therapist rather than his pals). Rather than leaving him hair-free and carefree, he ended up with a nasty reaction to the waxing, which left him unable to consummate his marriage on the wedding night. Ooooh.

Stag do pranks abroad

Going abroad is a great opportunity for a prank, and the fun can start in the airport. If someone in the stag party is good with Photoshop, have them knock up some official looking visas for everyone in the group except the stag.

At a suitable moment, ask if everyone sorted their visas out. When the group produces theirs and the stag doesn't, just tell him not to worry, but have him hide from any authority figures, just in case.

Stag do dares

Got your stag do dare ideas right here:

  • Spend 24 hours without any footwear
  • Lick the armpit of a male stranger
  • Do 20 push-ups
  • Hide the stag's clothes
  • Hide the new clothes the stag had to buy because you wouldn't tell him where you hid the old ones
  • Sing everything you say for 15 minutes in the style of Pavarotti
  • Copy everything that a member of the public is doing
  • Gather at least three strangers and teach them how to line dance.

Stag party = SORTED!

Stag do games

What's the only thing funnier than mankinis? That's right: full male nudity. So yelling ‘NAKED BUS!’ whilst on public transport is a popular stag game – although probably not very popular with other bus-riders, mind.


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