Erm, you can now get Unicorn dildos if that's what you're into

They look a bit terrifying

Usually when we hear about the latest unicorn-themed trend taking over the internet we get pretty excited and daydream about gallivanting around in a world full of pink fluffy clouds, candy-cain flowers and mystical creatures.

We'd of course be sipping on a multi-coloured unicorn latte and our cheeks would be glowing with an iridescent sheen thanks to our unicorn highlighter drops. Naturally.

But the latest unicorn-inspired contraption that's caught our attention is, quite frankly, the most terrifying thing we've ever laid our eyes on and we're almost definitely scarred for life.

But hey, you may be into it so we're trying to have an open mind.

You can now buy dildos in the shape of unicorn horns thanks to Geeky Sex Toys.

The pearlescent Unicorn Horns available in pink, white and lilac are 100% silicone, and according to the website the "legendary mysteriously mystical dildo will help stimulate the most magical orgasms.”

The website also explains: "The suction cup allows for more adventurous role play creating your very own fairy tale ending."


We're guessing so that it can be attached to someone else's bits and bobs, head, forearm or whatever, because role play is where the real unicorn fantasy fun is had, right?

Ummmm, yeah. We're gonna need a nice cool glass of water and a bit of a lie down after this.

Anyway, back to the important stuff, let's talk dimensions. The horns are 7.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide, but they narrow to 2 inches at the tip. Obvs.

So there you have it, unicorn horns: making masturbation magical since 2017.


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