Unicorn lattes are a thing and will change your brunch FOREVER

Laterz skinny cap, we're SO done with you

We've dedicated a large proportion of our lives here at heat to scouring Instagram in search of the latest brunch trends. We also spend an embarrassing amount of time daydreaming about an alternative (and ridic basic) universe where unicorns are pets and clouds are pink and made of candyfloss and instead of green, mucky water rivers flow with prosecco. If only.

We thought we'd peaked when we discovered unicorn toast was something we could get our teeth into BUT since then unicorn lattes have magically appeared in our lives and we are euphoric.

The colourful coffee trend began in a swanky Brooklyn, New York coffee shop called The End. You know, the kind of place that's so painfully cool you literally get an anxious stomach ache justing think about your entrance into the coffee shop. Assertive yet nonchalant, know what we mean?

Living up to their mythical and mystical name, the unicorn lattes are said to have some sort of magical healing power.

The concoction of ginger, lemon, coconut milk and honey are all big players in this game we call 'wellness'. A brightly-coloured algae (wuuuuut?) is then apparently dropped into the drink to transform it into a mesmerising blue.

According to Stylist, the super cool coffee makers over at The End claim that the algae used is also good for our brains: "Decalcifying the [pineal] gland can lead to extreme mental clarity, and helps restore health and vibrancy to the physical body.

"It is quickly becoming the antidote to the mid-afternoon brain fog for our customers."

(N.B. No actual unicorn, or even milk, can be found in the unicorn lattes.)

But more importantly the pastel colours are SO pretty, we just can't deal.

Edible flowers and a load of other natural and ridic healthy, colourful sprinkles are then dusted over the top for extra cuteness.



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