There's an update on the UK’s version of Disneyland. YAAAAAS!


We admit we're sometimes prone to slight over-excitement (usually involving but not exclusive to: One Direction, Celebrity Big Brother, Justin Bieber and basically anything involving Harry Potter) here at heat. But this time we're genuinely serious when we say we've just heard the BEST NEWS EVER.

London's equivalent to the magical kingdom of Disneyland is on its way and will apparently be up and running within the next five years.

Can we get a hell YAAAAAAAAAS?

Plans are apparently underway to complete the Hollywood-themed amusement park in Dartford, Kent (about half an hour outside of London) by 2022.

It's reportedly going to be called the London Paramount Entertainment Resort and it sounds LIT.

Early reports suggest the park will be spread out over 388 acres, which isn't actually that big compared to Disneyland Paris' 4,800 acres of glorious Disney magic, but rumour has it good things sometimes come in small packages...

And to be fair, they're planning to fit a load of really cool stuff in. It's thought the theme park will house Europe's largest indoor water park, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, rollercoasters (obv) as well as hotels for guests visiting from a distant lands / outside the M25.

The licensing deal is apparently with Paramount Pictures, but it's said there will also be rides from BBC Worldwide shows and attractions based on Aardman Animations.

According to Essex live, plans for the park are set to be approved when a development consent order (DCO) is submitted to the government in November.

Once this is approved, building could start in 2019.

According to The Telegraph, Humphrey Percy CEO of the project's parent company said: "We have the financial backing to take us all the way through that process."

We are literally SO excited although it's looking like a day out at this new theme park may come and quite a hefty price. A day ticket is expected to cost £57 per person.

Still that's a heck of a lot cheaper than the £308148158 the Eurostar to Paris costs at the moment…


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