Valentine's Day: all the fab things you can do on the cheap

In fact, they're so damn cheap, you could probably do all of them...

Valentine's Day can be expensive, stressful and often, not all that fun. Why? Because every other couple is out trying to do "something nice" and paying through the nose for it. It's like New Year's Eve all over again. So here's a bunch of cheap and fun ideas, so that you can BOSS Valentine's Day without breaking the bank...

1) Build a fort

What? You read right, build a fort with cushions, pillows and blankets.

Why? When was the last time you built a fort? EXACTLY. You're well overdue, plus it'll be a hoot. Let go of the fact you're building a fort for a minute, and just let your fort-building abilities flow. Do you know how much you can do in a fort? Eat dinner, sleep, watch TV and films. OR, perhaps pretend you're a member of the Night's Watch, defending the wall in Game Of Thrones.

How much? Try FREE. That's right, £0 baby.

2) Watch a movie at home

What? We recommend The Duff. And it's on Netflix now.

Why? It's pretty much the first non-shit, teen rom-com that we're sure both you and your SO if you're in a relationship, or BFF if you're single, will love. The story follows Bianca on her quest to re-invent herself after it's brought to her attention that she is the DUFF - designated ugly fat friend - of her friendship group. She enlists the help of Wesley, her former childhood friend and now mega-fit and charming jock. You can probably imagine what goes down but you should still watch it because it's lols.

If you want something a bit more romantic to settle down and get cosy to then we also recomend tear-jerker, something like The Fault In Our Stars or a classic like Ghost.

Also the Twilight movies are now on Netlix and you can't go wrong with a vampire love story on V Day, can you?

How much? Free. Come one, someone's got a Netflix log in you can use. And if they won't share the love, cut them out your life, you don't need friends like that.

3) Cook a meal

What? Come on, you must have done this before? Otherwise you probably would have starved by now.

Why? Well, what's the point in forking out (forking out, geddit?) for a meal in a ridiculously busy, ridiculously packed and ridiculously expensive restaurant, when you could just make something great at home? There's this thing called the internet and it has A LOT of receipies on there. Even if you're go-to dish is burned toast, you're bound to impress when you attempt something a bit more elaborate. Worst case scenario, get Tesco's £10 meal for two.

How much? Depends on your ingredients, but Tesco's option won't break the bank either.

4) Board games

What? Jenga, Twister and maybe even Cards Against Humanity...

Why? It's easy to forget how fun board games are when the internet places TV show, fluffy animal and this GIF at your finger tips. But opting for a retro board games night can actually be a hilarious change. First of all, there's no chance of you getting distracted by your phones and secondly, you're spending an evening having good old fashioned fun, focussing on your partner. Plus if you add "strip" before any board game it'll make it 200% more interesting.

How much? Potentially free if you have the board game reserves. Otherwise you can still pick some up VERY cheaply.

5) Massages

What? Why pay a complete stranger a handsome sum to rub you down, when you're loved one can do it for free?

Why? Yes, it's cheesy, but it's also damn cheap and potentially great fun. Why endure the awkwardness of a stranger jiggling your jiggly bits, when you could do the same thing with someone you love. YouTube can show you plenty of techniques that won't accidentally dislocate their neck, and you never know, if you both like it, you could be dishing out backrubs all year round.

How much? There's loads of options for under a tenner.

6) Break up

What? Well, you wanted cheap ideas right? Having no one for Valentine's Day also means spending no money.

Why? You wanted cheap ideas! We've run out of cheap ideas! Hopefully the yappy video of the girl above should be enough to put you off the whole idea.

How much? Just a chunk of your decency, breaking up with someone for Valentine's is right up there with doing it on their birthday or Christmas...

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