Tell us your most TRAGIC Valentine's Day story (Please)

A story shared is a story... that's bloody great?

Oh, so Mr. Valentine's Day is arriving and if you are anything like us (see: melodramatic and prone to wallowing on the kitchen floor) you will have already picked out your black choker necklace and fishnet socks to show everyone you are a bad bitch. Oh and in mourning (why won't you notice me, sob).

But let's make this into a positive! We want to hear your funny/cringey/tragic/bat-shit cray Valentine's Day disaster stories. We will use the best ones for mammoth article, which will cheer us all up at heatworld HQ and make all you lovely lot laugh as well.

What's the point of horrible stuff 'appening, if you can't laugh about over a glass (or ten) of vino afterwards?

NONE. Exactly. So TELL US. Don't be shy.

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