Vegan eggs are now a thing. Yaassss.


Going vegan is easy. Seriously, we mean it. As well all the amazing meals you can make with purely plant-based foods, there are countless substitutes for milk, cheese, mayo – and most of them don't taste like rotten shite, despite what a few select meat eaters would have you believe.

But one thing the vegan scene's been lacking in is eggs. Eggs are literally the period of a chicken and kinda hard to recreate using soy, oats, almonds etc etc.

Or so we thought.

Follow Your Heart's VeganEgg has just gone on sale in Holland and Barrett, and they actually look like actual eggs.


Did we mention they're made from ALGAE?

They come in powder form (weird), each carton is the equivalent of about 10-12 eggs, and can be used in cakes, omelettes and whatever other eggy dish floats your boat.

Plus, they contain about half the calories of regular eggs.

Seriously. We NEED these in our lives.


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