Here's how much Zoella earns per Instagram post omgggggg

HOW much???

For most of us a cute Insta pic will bring in a few likes. Maybe 20 on average, a few more if it's posted at lunch time. At a push someone might DM being like "you look good hun".

But for some bloggers Insta posts can bring in some serious £££, and if you're Zoella you could be earning a casual £120k per snap.


Uh huh babes, you did read that correctly.

Forbes magazine have published their first-ever ‘Top Influencers’ list and it dishes the deets on the bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers who have made the most money.

Who's at the top? YUP, none other than beauty vlogger and Youtube queen Zoella. It's been reported that 27-year-old star earns up to a MA-HU-SSIVE £250,000 per video for a video partnership, £150k for a Facebook post and £120,000 per Insta post.

What.the.hell. That's like a car, or a HOUSE.

The blogger is literally winning at life. As well as topping the list, she also lives in a £1 million house in Brighton with BF Alfie and pug Nala, has a waxwork at Madame Tussauds and TWO books. Go on gurl!

The Forbes report also revealed that when it came to fitness Kayla Itsnes came out on top, earning as estimated £13 MILLION from her 'Sweat with Kayla' app in 2016 alone.

Atm the report just focuses on beauty, fitness and interior, but the list is set to be updated quarterly and will eventually bring in fashion, travel and food.

We are seriously questioning our career choice rn…

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