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AWKWARD! Did you see THIS happen when Jedward crashed CBB?

You know how January is all about not drinking anything but green tea, replacing mounts of chocolate for mounds of veggies and staying in on Friday nights?

Well thanks to the Christmas overindulgence that has forced us into this month, we get to stay in at the weekends.

Which WOULD be very, very dull – if we didn’t have this year’s Celebrity Big Brother to watch.


Because it has been bloody brilliant so far.

Last night’s episode was so JAM PACKED full of CBB goodness that we’re still reliving it all in our heads this morning.

Did you see how absolutely bananas Austin Armacost went over Speidi taking all the water bottles?

Classic CBB. We heart you.

But, the main event last night was the one and only Jedward literally storming into the house.

Emma Willis attempted to ask them some questions before they went in, but they were more interested in telling her how much her and her husband, Matt Willis, were the perfect couple, and bouncing around hugging everyone in the audience.


But eagle eyed fans were more concerned with the fact that Edward, in all his pumped up excitement, actually fell off the stage.

POOR EDWARD. We hope you're OK, hun.

He's probs fine TBF as the pair then appeared in the Big Brother garden on a stage, dressed as astronauts and gave an AMAZING performance to the housemates.

Reckon there’s any way we could hire these two out for parties? Imagine then at your nans 80th. Absolute gold.

The familiar ‘fix’ claims are coming out too as the housemates guessed Jedward would be entering before they saw them on the stage.

Maybe they’re just good at guessing?

When they all went inside, John or Edward then told Speidi that they hadn’t aged and the couple looked in awe of the two 25-year-olds.

A trickster foursome made in heaven?


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