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Big Brother: Chanelle McCleary given FORMAL WARNING for behaviour with Kieran Lee


There are some things Big Brother actively encourages: boozing, nudity, sex in the toilet.

And some things it will tolerate under no circumstances.

Chanelle McCleary learns this the hard way in tonight's show when she’s issued with a formal warning by the big one for her behaviour with Kieran Lee.

Things got heated in the living area between the pair when Chanelle spat on the sofa (grim) and then claimed than Kieran “wants her”.

Because spitting is a recognised mating technique, right?

Kieran maked a joke about the Ex On The Beach star’s lip fillers, causing her to squawk: “Why are you commenting on my appearance? That’s disrespectful. I think I look cute.”

She then flicked his hat off his head, and it does look pretty violent.

“Don’t ever touch me!” he raged, making vague threats about what would happen to Chanelle if she was a man.

She was then summoned by Big Brother and given a severe telling off and a warning about how to behave around her housemates.

Big Brother is very exciting right now. Especially because they’re sending in the celebs.

Gemma Collins, Nicola McLean and Marnie Simpson are heading in to cause some mayhem.

Hang on - no Stephanie Davis? Surely an oversight.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.


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