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BB's Laura Cater reveals she dated THIS CBB star


We don't mean to alarm anyone, but the last series of regular Big Brother (the one that Jason Burrill won) only finished FIVE MONTHS AGO.

Literally feels like about five years, no?

Undoubtedly one of the best contestants of the series was Laura Carter, who for some reason kept getting booed each week even though she actually seemed like a genuinely nice person.

You may remember that she was caught up with that rascal Marco Pierre White Jr, with whom she engaged in some very nawty-looking under the duvet action.

According to The Sun, she posted some (now deleted) tweets about dates with Jamie O'Hara.

She wrote: "Some people are trying to sell stories on me and @mrjamieohara1. To clarify, there were a few dates and then it fizzled out. 1/2."

She followed it up with: "@mrjamieohara1 and I are still friends and I will still support him in CBB.

"Whoever you are, stop stirring it up."

Very fair.

In other CBB news, last night's episode was SAUCY AF.

It began when Stacy went into the Diary Room to share her thoughts on the men in the house.

She revealed that if Calum Best wanted to play a "little kissy kissy think with me I would totally do it."

We're with ya on that one, Stacy.

She then went on to reveal that she's got a thing for 90s DJ Brandon Block: "There's a fire in that guy, he'll be the one who pulls your hair and there's something really sexy about that.

"He gives you the eye where it's like, 'I will f*ck the shit out of you.'" ALSO Spencer Pratt asked Jasmine a very nawty question about Calum and Jamie O'Hara.

"With all due respect to Calum's mum," he began, "If Calum's mum was not here and Calum was in the Jacuzzi, and no one was here and you had your red wine, and Jamie was in the shower and you had your red wine…who would you choose to get wet with?"

She chose Calum, obv.

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