Big Brother 2017: When does it start and who's in the rumoured line-up?

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Big Brother 2017: When does it start and who's in the rumoured line-up?

And what's the twist? There's always a twist…

We’re SO done with Winter here at heat HQ, and currently spend about 99.99999% of our time daydreaming out of our window longing for Summer. But it's not because we're dying to whack out our legs, soak up the sun and get our tan on, although that is an added benefit.

We're actually wishing Spring comes and goes pretty damn quick because Summer means there's a brand new load of housemates to gawp at on Big Brother. AND WE CAN'T WAIT.

We've kinda been in a perpetual state of mourning since Celebrity Big Brother came to an end a couple of months ago (mainly because it meant we didn’t have an excuse for staring at Calum Best's bulge anymore), so we've been focussing our attention on finding out all we can about this summer's civilian edition of the show.

(You can check out the rumoured line-up for the next series of Celebrity Big Brother here, BTW.)

First things first, when is Big Brother back on TV?

Although there hasn’t been a confirmed start date for Big Brother 2017, it’s reported that we can expect to see the show returning to our screens in June.

Last year BB kicked off on 7 June and it’s thought the launch date will be similar this year.

Is there a theme for Big Brother 2017?

Big Brother is back with a bit of a twist this year, as the show will be given a 'pairs' theme.

A message posted on the official Big Brother Facebook page earlier this year read: "BIG BROTHER 2017 IS BACK.... and this time we're looking for PAIRS!"

On the application website, it stated: "We're on the lookout for outgoing pairs with strong opinions and stand out personalities from across the UK!"

However, Big Brother also hinted that the pairs could be split up during the show. Classic BB.

SO, who is rumoured to be heading into the Big Brother house?

There's been a lot of speculation about which pairs (and some individuals) could be heading into the house. Here are the names that have been flying around the rumour mill so far:

The Cheeky Girls

It's been reported that The Cheeky Girls are lined up for this coming series of regular Big Brother.

A source told The Sun: "There is massive interest in the girls and they know how much the nation love them.

"Show bosses think this could be the best year yet and the pairs theme is already shaping up nicely.

"Gabriela and Monica have never done Big Brother—they’ve been waiting for the right moment."

Read more here.

Carla and Melissa Howe

The next housemate reportedly signed up is Playboy model Carla Howe and she's been linked to three former Celebrity Big Brother stars.

Show bosses are hoping Carla will reveal ALL about her past with Calum Best, Jamie O'Hara and Ray J in the upcoming series of BB.

She's set to enter the house with her sister, Melissa, and it's been reported that she's promised to drop a few bombshells.

Read more here.

Rodrigo Alves AKA The Human Ken Doll

News has reached heat HQ that producers have been in talks with Rodrigo Alves AKA The Human Ken Doll about appearing on the show this summer.

According to The Sun, a source has said: "Rodrigo is dying to be big on national television and hopes that the deal comes through.

"He knows what an incredible opportunity the show can be and can’t wait to be part of it."

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Lotan Carter

Lotan Carter was the first name thrown about when talking about this year's intake of civilian housemates, and it was before the pairs theme was confirmed, so we're not sure who he'd be entering the house with.

A source told Daily Star Online: "Lotan has been in talks with the producers at Big Brother for about a month or so now.

"They are keen to get him on board as they know he will bring some eye-candy into the house."

Lotan is a Dreamboy stripper so we're pretty sure he'll get a lot of attention in and out of the house.

Stephen and Michelle Beer

The couple made headlines after starring on Benefits: Too Fat To Work, and have been approached for the next series by producers.

A source has reportedly told Daily Star that Steve and Michelle both went for an audition back in February after completing an application, and could be heading for the final line-up.

The couple are said to still be in contact with Channel 5, meaning we could see them enter the house in May.

Read more here.

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