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See all the new Big Brother 2017 housemates HERE


It looks as though Summer is finally here (we give it about 3 days before the weather changes AGAIN) and it's got us really excited for one of our favourite Summer traditions.

No, we're not talking about downing a jug of Pimms in a beer garden of your choice.

We're talking about staying in and watching Big Brother every evening! We really do know how to have a good time.

When does Big Brother 2017 start? When was the start date?

KEEP UP, GANG! Big Brother has already started! It's live launch was on Monday 5 June.

Gone are the days when the show consisted of normal run of the mill non-famous people like Glynn and Nikki Grahame (we know – it’s hard to remember a time she wasn’t a household name).

It now essentially consists of basically people who are just slightly less famous than the ones on CBB.


(You can also check out the rumoured line-up for the next series of Celebrity Big Brother here, BTW.

Big Brother 2017 Line-up

Chanelle McLeary (off of Ex On The Beach)

24-year-old Chanelle, a model from Manchester, was literally our favourite person ever on the last series of Ex On The Beach (she was the one who kept shrieking).

Arthur Fulford

Arthur's featured in two reality shows previously - The F*cking Fulfords and Life Is Toff - which both sound fantastic.

Ellie Young

She's a self-confessed party girl who appeared on Ibiza Weekender.

Mandy Longworth and Charlotte Keys

These two are living our actual worst nightmare - going onto Big Brother with our mums.

Raphael Korine

Raphael is a bit of a prankster who speaks FIVE LANGUAGES.

Rebecca Jane and Kieran Lee

Rebecca owns a honey-trapping detective agency, which aims to catch people cheating on their partners by using attractive people as bait.

Joe Quaranta

Joe is a nightclub owner from south London

Lotan Carter

otan Carter was the first name thrown about when talking about this year's intake of civilian housemates, and it was before the pairs theme was confirmed, so we're not sure who he'd be entering the house with.

A source told Daily Star Online: "Lotan has been in talks with the producers at Big Brother for about a month or so now.

"They are keen to get him on board as they know he will bring some eye-candy into the house."

Lotan is a Dreamboy stripper so we're pretty sure he'll get a lot of attention in and out of the house.

Kayleigh Morris

Kayleigh formerly appeard on MTV's Ex On The Beach.

Imran Javeed

Sukhvinder Javeed

Imran and Sukhvinder are husband & wife.

Deborah Agboola

Hannah Agboola

Deborah and Hannah are sisters.

Isabelle Warburton

Savannah O'Reilly

Sam Chaloner

Tom Barber

Tom was voted People's Housemate in a launch night twist.

Andrew Cruickshanks

Sue Evans

Simone Reed

What Channel is Big Brother on?

It's on Channel 5.

How can I watch Big Brother?

You can watch the show each night at 10PM on Channel 5, or you can head over to their on demand website.

What does the Big Brother house look like?

You can see pics from inside the house HERE

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