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Big Brother to be investigated by Ofcom for 'race row'?

Several people have complained

Big Brother is facing a potential Ofcom investigation after several people complained about an apparent ‘race row’ in last night’s episode.

Hannah and Deborah Agboola were involved in a number of heated arguments, and expressed concern their behaviour was being labelled aggressive because of their skin colour.

The arguments started when Hannah got upset that Ellie Young and Chanelle McCleary had eaten their dinner, and Lotan defended them.

Hannah said in the Diary Room: "When you're a black girl, they like to take advantage of you and try to get the worst out of you.

"I am Hannah, before colour. I am Hannah, before being 22. I am Hannah, before being Nigerian"

Later, Deborah and Rebecca Jane had an argument, in which Rebecca labelled Deborah “aggressive”.

Deborah then told Rebecca: "I'm cool with everyone, I don't know about this aggressive stuff. You're the one who's going psycho for someone who doesn't even want you (in reference to her perceived crush on Kieran Lee).

Rebecca hit back: "Are you f-cking for real?! That's a low blow... F-ck off. You're just nasty, nasty."

Deborah then said: "If someone tells me I'm being aggressive, what do you think I am? I will go personal, that's something I do, that's what I do.

"If I took away my skin colour - and I'm going to take it there - no one would say I'm aggressive."

Rebecca replied: "This has nothing to do with that."

Deborah replied: "If you walked in my shoes every day and spoke the way I spoke and 10 million people told you you're aggressive... I take that [being called aggressive] personally."

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We have received nine complaints relating to alleged racism in last night’s episode of Big Brother. We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.”

A Big Brother spokesperson told heatworld: "We are monitoring the house very closely and will not tolerate behaviour from any housemate likely to cause widespread offence."

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