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Sparks will FLY between Joe and Rebecca in tonight's Big Brother

Who knew truth or dare could cause such a stir....

When you play truth or dare things are always going to get a bit awkward, but when you play it on Big Brother drama is guaranteed, and in tonight’s episode sparks are expected to FLY. We cannot bloody wait!

Things first get heated during the game when Joe Quaranta is given a truth card and asked to identify the housemates he thinks is not being their true self. AWKS.

He picks Rebecca Jane, claiming she has admitted to behaving differently out of the house.

What happens next? Well, lets’ just say something hits the fan.

While having a cig in the garden, Joe asks Rebecca if she’s “still mad” after the comments he made earlier.

“I think you were really nasty,” Rebecca explains.

“There you go, see. She can’t take criticism,” Joe says to poor Kieran Lee who is some how trapped between the two.

Things soon turn nasty as Rebecca accuses Joe of saying her smile is “irritating”. After asking how he would feel if somebody said that to his daughter, Joe seems to lose his rag a bit and things get intense VERY quickly. Yikes.

“Don’t bring my f*ing daughter into it you silly idiot,” he retorts.

Things get intense VERY quickly and soon Kieran feels like it’s time to put his two words in. As you do.

“You deserve it, you shouldn’t bring [daughters] into it,” he says before marching off.

This does not go down well with Rebecca and soon Lotan is having to break the two up, before Big Brother steps in and announces that Rebecca should be escorted to the bathroom. DAYM.

Don’t forget to watch the full episode of tonight Big Brother on Channel 5 at 10pm.

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