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Could this BIG DUET be happening for Beauty and the Beast?

yes yes YES

Sit down and get a cup of tea because we have possibly the most exciting Beauty and the Beast news.

Ready? OK.

Ariana Grande and John Legend are reportedly teaming up to record the title track for the upcoming movie remake.

Ariana posted a snap of herself in the studio on her Instagram page, tagging both John and the Beauty and the Beast accounts in the picture.

She then shared the post with a wilted rose emoji on her Twitter.

Now, if that isn’t evidence she’s recording a song for Beauty and the Beast remake, then we don’t know what is.

The shot was also shared by the official Instagram page of the new film.

So that’s official recognition right there.

We. Are. So. EXCITED.

It has been reported that Ariana and John will be signing the main song – Beauty and the Beast – which was originally sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson.

We wonder whether she’ll be doing her impressive impersonation of Celine on the track.

We kind of hope so.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are taking on the roles of Belle and the Beast and we have JUST had the first glimpse of her beautiful singing voice.

Did you also see that there is a new Beauty and the Beast inspired nail polish collection ready to hit the shelves in February courtesy of Gelish and Morgan Taylor.

Any more Beauty and the Beast news and we’ll explode with excitement.

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