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Calum Best KICKS OFF on CBB after lap dance from Coleen Nolan


Once again the weekend went by far too fast and the whole thing is just a blur of breaking Dry January (sorry not sorry) and scoffing the leftover Christmas chocolates.

It’s also sprinkled with a little helping of Celebrity Big Brother dramz, natch.

On Friday, we saw the first proper kick off when Austin Armacost went wild after finding out that Speidi were hiding water bottles in their bed (yes, really).

Then on Saturday we saw Nicola Mclean calling Jamie O’Hara a dickhead for marrying Danielle Lloyd. OUCHIE.

And THEN last night we saw the CBB fave to win, Calum Best, having a HUGE strop after a particularly saucy lap dance from Coleen Nolan.

Wait, WHAT?

Don’t worry, it wasn’t because he didn’t enjoy said lap dance. He actually loved it. Look at his face here.

But what pissed off the hunky hunk was a comment that the Loose Woman made afterwards.

During a drunken game of something like ‘Tell Secrets And Make Everything Really Awkward’, Spencer Pratt had to choose someone to answer a question 100% honestly.

He asked Jasmine Waltz who she would pick between Calum and Jamie – who she previously enjoyed a bit of a hottie sandwich with – and she chose Calum, leaving poor old Jamie asking Coleen: “Am I too nice?”

NO, JAMIE. There is literally no such thing. Did anyone else know he was so sensitive and sweet before CBB? Us neither. But we love that he’s showing not all footballers are bellends.

ANYWAY, in an attempt to make Jamie feel better, Coleen said to him: "[Calum] would be the one night one, you'd be the one I'd marry,"

Which did NOT go down well with Calum, who just that second walked into the conversation.

"Well that's a lovely fucking comment to make, isn't it? Fucks sake," he fumed.

He then stormed off and was clearly pissed when Stacy Francis went to talk to him, even though his mouth was saying: “I’m cool, I’m cool”. He really wasn’t.

Then Jamie went in sheepishly to explain himself (WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH) but Calum again fumed that it was Coleen who enraged him.

He then went on a rant in the diary room, before opening up about how he’s been trying to shake off his lothario image for years and knows that he’d be an amazing boyfriend and husband, and would treat everyone’s daughter/sister/mum wonderfully.


We don’t doubt it for a second, Calum, pet.

Meanwhile, James Cosmo managed to sneak a show pony through the house without Bianca Gascgoine noticing. LOLOLOL.

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