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CBB viewers support Sarah Harding over 'bully' Jemma Lucy

Some reckon Jemma's a 'bully'

It's only been on our TV screens just over a week, but already this series of Celebrity Big Brother is becoming the most explosive yet. Viewers expressed their concern for Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding earlier in the week after an argument with Paul Danan and Jemma Lucy left her in tears in the diary room, and despite making up with Paul, it seems there is still a lot of tension in the air between Sarah and Jemma. The house seemed to be getting along better until Sarah told Jordan Davies and Sam Thompson that she can't always keep up with their high energy.

After Jordan took Sarah's statement the wrong way, the reality star seemed to completely twist Sarah's words when he relayed it back to Jemma in the smoking area, causing the tattooed star to rant at Sarah.

Unlike earlier in the week, Sarah fought back, with both girls getting in personal digs at each other.

Despite both girls going in hard, fans were quick to take Sarah's side with many calling Jemma 'jealous'.

Sarah was saved from eviction earlier in the week and was greeted to a huge cheer when Emma Willis read out her name.

However 'The Promise' singer expressed her concerns to Big Brother that Jemma, Jordan and co will continue to nominate her every week.

You can see the aftermath of Sarah and Jemma's argument on tonight's show on Channel 5.

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