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Trisha Paytas SLAMS former Celebrity Big Brother housemates in FURIOUS rant after quitting show

She said she regretted leaving the series but quickly changed her mind

Trisha Paytas has slammed her fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates after quitting the show, branding former Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding “trash”.

After walking out of the reality television house on Friday night she told her 336,000 Twitter followers that the show was the “worst experience of my f*cking life”, saying the series was “irrelevant”.

Apologising to her fans, the American YouTube sensation wrote: “I’m sorry to those I let down, video explanation coming soon. Please believe the environment was extremely unhealthy.

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“Know I am appreciative of u all, it’s what kept me in the house so long.”

Able to watch what her fellow famous contestants said about her on the Channel 5 show, Trisha launched into a furious online rant.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Trisha burst into tears, saying she regretted leaving the programme, but later gave an update, insisting she’d changed her mind.

She slammed actor Paul Danan for body-shaming her, with an unimpressed Trisha saying: “He looks at me and I have all this body hanging out and he’s disgusted,” before she fumed: “f*ck Paul, fake mother f^cker”.

The web star, who has an Instagram audience of 1.1million, added on Twitter last night: “Paul literally saying today behind my back nobody knows who I am, meanwhile he has 3k on Instagram. Okay Paul. FAKE ASS.”

On singer Sarah, she ranted: “Sarah Harding is TRASH. She called all the older people terrible names behind their back and she has a lot of problems.”

She added in her video: “I have so much inside information on her. I’m not going to say it, because they don’t expose it.

“The s*it they do in that house is shady as f^ck and they cater toward Sarah and it’s some shady ass s£it that would not fly in America, that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

She continued: “Sarah Harding is a piece of s*it, she called me a stupid cow. F^ck you Sarah Harding, who the f£ck are you?”

Slamming former X Factor contestant Amelia Lily, Trisha raved: “Amelia being so f*cking fake saying I don’t… Her and (Ibiza Weekender star) Jordan (Davies) are just being like, ‘Trish, you’re isolating yourself.’

“B*tch, I don’t like you, I don’t like the house. Oh my God, I am so happy I left now!”

Going in on Jordan again, who Trisha said criticised her for not helping out around the house, she said: “You’re boring as f*ck. No one knows your stupid show. I’m saying all these names and no one is going to know who the f^ck I’m talking about…

“I’m a f*cking lazy b^tch because I can be. I’m not a f&cking reality show whore.”

Moving on to fiery model Jemma Lucy when asked on Twitter if the pair would remain friends, Trisha replied: “She’s extremely aggressive, so no.”

Claiming she previously tried to leave the house on Thursday, Trisha said she was “tricked” into staying, saying she was asked to leave the Diary Room so another housemate could enter but wasn’t allowed back in to talk to producers.

Trisha left the show on Friday night soon after former Apprentice contestant Karthik Nageson was given the boot from CBB by the Channel 5 viewing public.

A statement read: “After 11 days in the Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017 house, Trisha has decided to leave of her own accord and will not be returning.”

The fallout from her exit will be shown on Saturday night’s show on Channel 5 at 10.30pm.


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