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BB SPOILER: Chanelle tries to spread the love after last night's explosive episode

Not sure that will work hun...

After last night’s episode of Big Brother it’s safe to say that tensions are VERY high in the house.

But while the housemates are still reeling from Joe and Rebecca’s bust up as well as nominations, Chanelle McCleary is taking it upon herself to spread the lurve in tonight’s episode.

After calling a house meeting she announces to her cast mates that after the day’s events she wants to promote “peace, love and positive vibes.” Aw, well done hun.

The 24-year-old model then goes around the group giving hugs to show that “we all are a team and we all have love.” What a nice thought babes.

While the other housemates can’t contain their laughter, one housemate who is particularly enthusiastic is Joe Quaranta.

Embracing Chanelle in a particularly tight grip and planting a sloppy kiss on her cheek he goes in for a full on bear hug. Poor girl.

Chanelle is obviously taken by surprise, shouting: “Oh god Joe. Wow he went in for a snog there, bloody hell. Jesus Joe.”

Another housemate who was grateful for the TLC is Rebecca Jane, who tells Chanelle that she can “of course” feel the love.

It’s not surprising that these two are in need of some affection. Not only are they both up for eviction, last night’s episode saw the pair clash over comments Rebecca accused Joe of making about her smile.

Things escalated VERY quickly and in the end Big Brother had to step in and announce Rebecca should be escorted to the bathroom. DAYM.

We’re not sure how long Chanelle’s positive vibes will last, but you can find out in tonight’s episode of Big Brother on Channel 5 at 10pm.

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