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Charlotte Dawson reveals heart-wrenching reason behind Celebs Go Dating breakdown

Excuse us, we’ve just got something in our eye

Charlotte Dawson is basically our queen right now.

So our heart broke just a little when she talked about why she’s just so CHARLOTTE DAWSON on her Celebs Go Dating dates.

Char was taken to task by Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex who said she was"sabotaging herself" with her raucous behaviour which includes but is not limited to: insisting on looking at dates’ bums, massaging dates’ bums, and shots. So many shots.

"I feel like there's this crazy and wild Charlotte that gets drunk all the time.

"I play on it more than I should. There's a funny Charlotte and a sweet one," she said.

Our Blackpool lovely went on to say that a broken heart is the reason behind her extreme behaviour.

"I was so in love with him, I gave my heart and my soul but it just wasn't enough, it still didn't work," she said of her ex-boyfriend, rugby player Matt Sarsfield.

"That's why I overdo things, because I just want to be loved."

Now, while we know very little about Matt Sarsfield (what is a rugby?), except that he is a FITLORD, we do know that Char has pretty ropey taste in men.

She went on Ex On The Beach as Gary Beadle’s ex (although we feel that this could also apply to about 50% of the female population), and hooked up with Stephen Bear during her time on the show.

So maybe the problem is her taste in men, rather than her just being who she is.

“We've been all there. all I want is to be relatable to us girls. Heartbreak and rejection is the worst especially when you give your all,” Char tweeted after the show aired.

We hear you, queen. We hear you.


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