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You've GOT to see what Love Island's Chris looked like in school bear-esque

Call us Natalie Imbruglia, 'cause Love Island's Chris Hughes has left us feeling TORN. On one hand, he's really fit. On the other, just just know he's a bit of a player and kinda struggle to see past it. A dilemma. But did you know he hasn't always been so perfectly preened?

After those pics of fellow islander Chloe Crowhurst looking literally completely different as a brunette surfaced the other day, the internet's been doing some diggin' on the other contestants. NEXT UP? Chris and his hilarious old pics from the archives.

Pre-filters. Pre-gym routine. Pre-polar bear. Hoorah. As you're probably aware, Chris currently looks a little like this:

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But back in high school, he looked sort of like so:


The Gareth-Gates-meets-Billabong-sales-assistant hair. The skinny tie (very Avril Lavigne, mate). The fact that the pic on the right was only uploaded to his Instagram about a year ago yet somehow looks like some form of early noughties artefact.

How much 'grafting' did you have to do back then eh, Christopher?


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