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Who is Chris Hughes? Everything you need to know about the new Love Island 2017 contestant

Time to shake it up

Love Island 2017 may be over but we're still just as obsessed with all the Islanders.

We're not ashamed to admit we spend a large part of our day stalking them all on Twitter, speculating about the status of their relationships and getting super excited about their upcoming projects. They're full-on celebs now and we're luvin' it!

One of our all-time favourite Islanders from last series (any series ever) is Chris Hughes.

His rapping skills were second to none, he wasn't afraid to show is emotions and he proved to the whole nation he'd be a bloody fantastic dad to baby Cash Hughes.

So, here's everything we know about the Love Island fitlord.

(Everything you need to know about Love Island 2017)

Who is Chris Hughes?

Chris Hughes is a contestant on Love Island 2017, origianlly from Gloucestershire.

Prior to entering in the villa he revealed what he thinks sets him apart from other guys. He said that it's the fact he's a country boy. "It gives the girls a different option to what they're normally used to. I offer a very different background," he explained.

How old is Chris Hughes?

At the time of writing Chris is 24 years old.

What is Chris Hughes job?

Before finding fame on Love Island, Chris was a golf clothing ambassador.

Is Chris Hughes single?

Nope. Despite rumours flying around of a split, Chris is still in a relationship with his Love Island co-star Olivia Attwood.

What happened with Chris and Olivia on Love Island? Did Olivia cheat on Chris?

Rumours recently began circulating that the pair had split after pictures surfaced hinting that Olivia had cheated on Chris.

Chris then took to Instagram to stand up for his gal, while Olivia hailed Chris a 'hero' for putting up with her.

Who has Chris Hughes dated?

Before finding love on Love Island, the last relationship that Chris was in lasted three and a half years. He says: "I just fell out of love in the last six months and it eventually ended".

After his first ever relationship ended, the girl's mother was ringing him and telling him that her daughter was in a state about it. "I was about 16 or 17".

What did Chris Hughes look like when he was younger?

Chris wasn't always the MEGA fitlord he is now. He looked totally, and utterly different at school and the internet went a bit crazy over it.

Chris Hughes' naked. WHAT?

Everyone got very hot and bothered when naked pictures of Chris Hughes' were leaked.

And the girls in the villa were very impressed when they caught a quick glimpse of his 'baseball bat' peen!!

Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay

Despite making it to the final being coupled up with Liv, and Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies taking the £50K prize money, for us the stand out winners of Love Island 2017 were by far Chris and Kem.

Their bromance was too cute, their raps were soemthing else... (Stormzy even got involved) and now they've landed their own TV show.

What is the most romantic thing he has ever done?

Chris says that he likes treating people and making them feel special. "I write letters and leave them hidden for girls to find". Chris says that in his last relationship, he was forever going to theatre shows and long weekends away. "I love giving and making people feel good about themselves".

Does Chris Hughes have an Instagram?

You can follow Chris Hughes on Instagram here: @chrishughes_22

What's Chris Hughes' Twitter?

Chris' Twitter handle is: @chrishughes_22

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