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There's a Coyote Ugly-inspired bar in London and we need to go immediately


Coyote Ugly is, objectively, the best film ever made in the whole entire world.

We've spent basically our whole lives hoping that one day we'll move to New York to become a song writer, find a job dancing and singing in an edgy bar, shag a really fit guy who then falls in love with us, before ultimately having all of our dreams come true.

Unfortunately, we can't write a song to save our lives, New York is a bit far, and we're absolutely TERRIBLE at dancing.

BUT, we're finally coming (sort of) close to achieving this dream – because a Coyote Ugly-inspired bar exists in Soho, London!

Late-night bar Dirty Harry's will feature live bands and countertop dancers, who will perform three times a night.

ALSO – bartenders will even spray you with beer.

No word yet on whether they serve water though…


(They probably do, tbh, we think it's a legal requirement).

Dirty Harry's is located on 203 Wardour St, Soho, London W1F 8ZJ


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