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Danny Dyer returns to EastEnders


BIG NEWS: Danny Dyer is back.

After reportedly being urged to take a break by EastEnders bosses who were concerned for his health, Danny is supposedly back on set.

The Daily Star claims he has returned to work with a secret party to welcome him back.


An insider told the newspaper: “They’re keen to show everyone is behind him 100%... they are planning a round of applause when he steps back behind the bar for filming for the first time.

“Danny will be welcomed back with open arms.”

Danny has been keeping a low profile for the past few months but it hasn’t stopped others being vocal on his behalf.

His daughter, Dani, has been vocal on social media about her dad.

Addressing unfounded rumours about the reasons for her dad’s brief break, she said: “I [swear] to God if I see one more bullshit lie about my dad on stupid papers... stupid stupid stupid people.”

Last week viewers finally found out how his character's exit will be played out after writers were forced to alter scripts.

It looked like Mick was going to be sent to prison – for selling knock-off booze out of hours – in order to explain Danny’s absence from the soap.

But, in a last minute twist, his character was saved from a prison sentence by his mum Shirley – making way for Danny’s return to the soap.



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