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DJ Talent declares WAR on The X Factor's Honey G

Jeremy Kyle is involved. It ain't pretty

Two heavy weights in the rapping industry are at WAR and we literally cannot deal.

Remember DJ Talent from Britain's Got Talent? You know, the gold suit-clad lyrical genius who coined the phrase "when I say Britain, you say talent" etc.

He's not very happy with bomer-jacket clad Honey G, who came up with the equally genius "when I say Honey, you say G" etc.


A furious DJ Talent has called out our X Factor fave in a video saying she ripped off his lyrics.

In a direct message to Ms G, DJ Talent accuses the X Factor super-star of being a "fake and a phony."

“Honey G has stolen the lyrics from my work. You have ripped off my chorus and my hook,” he ranted in a video on The Sun online.

As we know from her handling of those claims of cultural appropriation, Honey G is a bit of a cool character when it comes to dealing with the haters.

So, what did Honey to the G do in response to this vicious verbal attack?

She simply blocked DJ Talent on Twitter. Classic G.

When taking to Twitter to contact Honey G, the I Say Britain rapper was met with the cold, cold notification: "You are blocked from following @The_Honey_G and viewing @The_Honey_G’s Tweets.”


After this almighty snub, DJ Talent is now taking his vicious campaign against Honey G even further.

He wants her to go on The Jeremy Kyle Show and TAKE A LIE DETECTER TEST. Whyyyyy?

To admit that he did steal his lyrics, appaz.

We really have heard it all now.

The Britain’s Got Talent hip-hop extraordinaire told The Sun: "The beef continues – I want to take Honey G on The Jeremy Kyle Show."

He's even tweeted the talk show host a link to the story – you know just to keep Jezza up to date and get him on side early.

DJ Talent has also sent a tweet to Judge Rinder. Perhaps when he's done with his Strictly stint, the TV Judge can settle this case once and for all.

In the meantime, soz DJ Talent but we're going to have to take Honey's side on this one – let's take a look at all the things that her so bloody wonderful:

There's that theory she's actually DAVID CAMERON in disguise.

She may secretly be really, really posh.

And some people, including Little Mix, think she's an acting mastermind catfishing the show.

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