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Exclusive! heat speaks to Love Island’s Chris Hughes’s brother: ‘He’s not a player at all’

He's actually a massive mummy's boy

Usually, it's just us sat in the office obsessing over Love Island. But this year, it seems like everyone and their dog is LIVING for the new series. And if there's one person bringing a tonne of entertainment, it's Chris Hughes.

The 22-year-old from Glousteshire caused quite a stir when he claimed "every girl in here fancies me" before sacking off Chloe, avoiding Tyne-Lexy and stealing Olivia from Sam (not for long thanks to new boy Mike, who we have ALL the goss on.)

With everyone in the villa, and the world, convinced Chris is a huge player, his brother has spoken to heat exclusively to say SHOCK HORROR... he's actually a massive "mummy's boy".

Tom Hughes, one of Chris's FIVE brothers, said: "He's not a player at all. Real life is a bit different"

With such a big family of brothers, you'd expect theres been a TONNE of laddy behaviour by now. Well, expect the unexpected guys because apparently, Chris's older brother said "he's never seen him kiss a girl before."

WHAT? Are we talking about the same Chris that went in an snogged Chloe on the first night??

Apaz that's super unusual for Chris, with his last relationship lasting four years and ending only eight months ago. So having just left a long term relationship, is Chris really looking for something serious??

Not according to Tom: "I personally don't think he is looking for a wife on there. i think he's more interested in getting a tan."

Well, maybe Liv's had a lucky escape then?

Read the full interview with Chris in this week’s heat mag – OUT NOW!


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