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First cast members have been revealed for new Bristol reality show

And it's even naughtier than Geordie Shore...

If you love Geordie Shore, you’re going to LOVE this.

There’s a new Bristol-based reality show set to grace our TV screens called Only in Bristol.

And it’s naughty.

Even naughtier than G Shore, appaz.

We’re presuming it’s going to have a late night slot because it’s said to make all of our other fave reality shows look tame.


The show is produced by American rapper D-Jukes and he has supposedly picked his first girl and boy for the cast.

The lad is called Matt and he appears to be well versed in TV as he has already teased: "There's not a lot of stuff I haven't done on camera, for those who know my dark side."

He hasn’t revealed too much, but he says he’s an adult actor and pleasure boy on Instagram.

While Sofia has described herself saying: "I'm funny, I'm fit, I've got great banter and I know how to have a f*ing laugh."

Speaking about who she hopes joins her in the £2.1 million house, Sofia said: "Boys wise, they've gotta be good looking, obviously maybe have a little something, something down there."

We can’t wait for more casting updates and we REALLY can’t wait for the show to start.

We’re sure the producers will throw in a few people to ruffle their feathers.


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