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Exclusive! The Geordie Shore cast on whether Love Island’s Sam Gowland will join the show

We are SO up for this

If there’s one thing we love here at heat, it’s cross-reality show canoodling (we’re a bit weird), so have been VERY excited by news such as Jonny Mitchell (reportedly) going on Made In Chelsea, and Sam Gowland (also reportedly) going on Geordie Shore.

We caught up with the cast of Geordie Shore, ahead of the new series coming out next Tuesday, to ask about the latter reported report that’s reportedly happening (cos they probably wouldn’t know much about what Jonny’s up to, tbh).

When heat asked about the rumours, Chloe replied: “You never know”, and Nathan Henry added: “If Sam was, I wouldn’t even be bothered as I actually think he’s really funny and he’s got good craic.”

Scotty T gave a massive hint Sam would be joining the cast, as he admitted that the two are good friends: “He was speaking to me yesterday, I always speak to him, he’s super nice.

“I always speak to him, I’m seeing him tonight. I like him you know.”

C’mon guys, quit the teasing.

Geordie Shore returns next Tuesday 29 August only on MTV


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