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So, this is how to apply to be on Gogglebox

Paid to watch telly? Yes please.

It's a regular Friday night, you're sitting down with your friends and family watching your fave TV show whilst you're regretfully chowing down on an unhealthy takeaway. But, that's OK, because you're distracted by your hilarious family or pals.

Do you think to yourself: "We would be great on Gogglebox?"

But, you have no idea how to even go about it, right? Well we've got all the deets you need to know to be able to apply for the Channel 4 series.


Who do you email to be on Gogglebox?

So, at the mo, it's unknown whether or not Studio Lambert (the production company for Gogglebox) are looking for newbies. But, what we do know is that every series there is at least two newbies introduced to us.

Past Goggleboxers have been told the best way to get in contact is by emailing:

What are Studio Lambert looking for?

Studio Lambert look for entertaining viewers with "strong and entertaining" opinions about TV shows.

Apparently, a lot of current Gogglebox families were street casted and found in public locations – June and Leon and hairdressers, Stephen and Chris were.

How much do Gogglebox stars get paid?

Well, a Gogglebox insider revealed to The Sun Online that each of the families are given £1,500. The amount is then split between contributing family members – at their own discretion.

Not bad, eh?

Whilst onI'm A Celebrity last year, Gogglebox star, Scarlett Moffatt, that she had paid off her parents' mortgage with her earnings.

Sandra Martin, also told Mail On Sunday: "I paid tax on an income of £100,000. In fact, ever since I started doing Gogglebox in 2102, I have earned around £1000,000 every year."

How many hours do Gogglebox stars work for?

12 hours of filming a week. But the hours are split across two 6 hour shifts.

Although that’s a lot of TV, it's not bad for the £££.


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